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Property settlement is the important final stage in the sale of a property, requiring all the general and special conditions of the Contract for Sale of Land or Strata Title by Offer and Acceptance to be satisfied.

At settlement, the balance of the purchase price for the property is paid and the legal title to the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

A settlement agent/conveyancer is a professional who facilitates the transfer of property or ‘settlement’.

Settlement agents are required to hold a current licence and a triennial certificate under the Settlement Agents Act 1981 (the  Act). They must have professional indemnity insurance, maintain an annually audited trust account and participate in the Compulsory Professional Development Program each year.


Oceania Settlements


  • Small local business owned and operated by Carol Hinchcliffe 0408 391 961 a licensed Independent Property Settlement Agent.
  • Carol has over 18 years extensive experience settling Western Australia properties.
  • Oceania takes great pleasure providing an excellent property settlement service.
  • Our goal is to exceed clients expectations, we’re willing go the extra mile to ensure settlement takes place by the due date.


Settlement tips:

  • Need to remove your partner from a title check if your bank will agree to the change. If you have separated SAVE thousands of dollars in stamp duty by having a solicitor prepare a Financial Agreement or obtain a Family Court Order.
  • When selling privately you must disclose to the buyer and write into the contract any encumbrances that may restrict the use of the land for example:
    • Water Corporation Easement cannot be built on top of and may affect future development or installing a pool.
    • Restrictive Covenant dictates certain materials to be used and even the floor size of the house to be built.