Service Fee Settlement Agent Perth | Oceania Settlements

Oceania’s service fee a Perth based property settlement agent  is based on the complexity of your contract.  A few questions will be asked so we have better understanding of your individual transaction and the time we need to allocate to proactively manage your transaction so you settle on time.

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Conveyancing involves the transfer of legal title of real estate property from one person to another.

A  property transaction comprises parties entering into a contract, an offer by the buyer, the seller accepts the price, terms and conditions offered or counters with their own terms. 

As licensed property settlement agent (conveyancer) Oceania ensures all conditions noted in an individual contract are followed up and met within the strict time frames.  We liaises and co-ordinates settlement with the various parties.  Undertake for shire and water rates to be adjusted between the parties and any arrears are dealt with.  Oceania attends settlement on behalf of their client to  make sure the correct funds are handed over by the lender in exchange of the legal paperwork being released. 

As a settlement agent we attend to and pay Statutory Government Charges listed below on behalf of buyers:

  • Stamp Duty go to calculator at Office of State Revenue
  • Registration fee to Landgate start from $165.80
  • Enquiry fee to Landgate – budget $62.10 for title scearches (extra $24.85 for each strata plan, caveats, easements, etc)
  • Enquiry fee to Water Corportion $44.07, Land Tax Department $38.50, Local Council $80 to $180
  • Enquiry fee to WA Planning Commission $25
  • Enquiry fee to Strata Company $110

Fees prior to 2016 from 1 October 2013

Seller’s SCALE Settlement FeesUp to    $150,000                $642$150,001 to  $500,000   $642         plus 0.143%$500,001 to $1,000,000 $1,142.50 plus 0.110%$1,000,001 and higher   $1,692.50 plus 0.077%**Strata Titles add $62.50 to Fee Buyer’s SCALE Settlement FeesUp to  $150,000                 $963$150,001 to  $500,000    $963    plus 0.220%$500,001 to $1,000,000  $1,733 plus 0.165%$1,000,001 and higher    $2,558 plus 0.110%**Strata Titled add $125.00 to Fee
Landgate chargeTransfer Registration FeesUp to $85,000                     $160$85,001 to $120,000           $170$120,001 to $200,000       $190$200,001 and higher           $190 Plus $20 per $100,000 thereafter Office of State Revenue Duty: ResidentialUp to $120,00                1.90%$120,001 to $150,000    $2280    plus   2.85%$150,001 to $360,000    $3135    plus   3.80%$360,001 to 500,00        $11,115 plus 4.75%$725,001 and higher      $28.453 plus 5.15%