How To Keep Cool Along With Your Pets!

As we are heading into a new year, we are also heading into the peak of our Aussie Summer! Whether you enjoy the summer heat or don’t like the heat at all, we are going to offer some tips and upgrades that will help you to keep your house cooler right throughout the summer months, so you don’t end up wilting like the plants!

As the temperatures rise in these summer months you may notice your AC struggling to keep the house cool or working way harder than normal. We all love to put our aircon on and call it a day, but there are a few other ways to help keep your house cool and take some pressure off your aircon to avoid high air conditioning bills.

Top upgrades to keep your house cool:

  1. Double-pane glass: Our windows allow so much heat into our homes, so replacing your windows this summer from single paned glass to double will help to keep the cool air inside.
  2. Blackout blinds: Investing in blackout blinds can help reduce a large portion of heat coming in through windows, especially on north & west facing windows. The block most of the UV light helping to keep your home from heating up.
  3. Window tinting/ UV Film: Another way to reduce the sunlight and UV rays entering your windows and heating up your home.
  4. Window Coverings: Putting up awnings and shades over your windows can help reduce light filtering into your home.
  5. Replacing old doors/windows: When running our AC we want all the cold air to stay inside, if you have old doors and windows with gaps you should replace these to keep cool air inside your home.
  6. Insulation: Insulation not only helps in the summer months but also helping in winter, so it’s a great upgrade to invest in to keep your home comfortable in either season.
  7. Lightbulbs: Switching to energy saving bulbs can help reduce heat in your home as incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat.

We have a few suggestions from us personally! A way to help your air-conditioned not run as hard is to run your aircon earlier in the day so it doesn’t need to cool the house from higher temperatures and what I have been doing personally to get through the heat is to have ice in my water bottle everyday to enjoy some ice-cold water.

Don’t let yourself wilt like the plants or melt like an ice cream this summer. Use some of these tips to enjoy a comfortable summer season!


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